18 February 2013

Overcoming Fear: Sharing My Ambitions

Some of you who are still following along may remember this post where I express my longing for authenticity in parenting and blogging. Particularly for myself and with the people I know and love.

One of my personal blocks that I am striving to overcome is to be open and honest with the very people I care about. This skill comes easily to me when I don't know someone, but fades away the closer I get.

I had a boyfriend in college who called me out on it. When we first met, I played the guitar and sang a song I wrote for a room full of people. Once we started dating and I became friends with that whole room of people, I don't think I ever sang again. When I said I was too shy, he laughed and said, "Yeah right, you sang before you even knew us. You think I'll believe you are all of a sudden shy now that we all love you?"

I guess that is exactly what I wanted to believe. I didn't want to face that I was insecure or that maybe they might stop loving me if they saw my flaws. Naturally, this is not my favorite quality in myself.

Over the past few years, I've been working diligently on overcoming this roadblock. In this journey, I am learning to do scary and uncomfortable things. And scary and uncomfortable is exactly what I did yesterday.

I have a business where I help people get healthy and I've got BIG dreams for it. Instead of keeping those dreams to myself (hiding my light under a bushel), I applied for a scholarship (using a YouTube video) and uploaded for all the world to see.

It is a new week and here is the second scary and uncomfortable thing I am doing: I am sharing my hopes and aspirations with people I know and love. 

If you are reading this blog, chances are I know you. And if I know you, I love you. Sharing this video makes me feel more vulnerable than I prefer, but that's how manifesting your big dreams feels at first.

I want to win a scholarship to attend Marie Forleo's online marketing course (B-school) that will teach me the tools to grow my business in amazing ways. Part of the criteria is reader engagement: number of views, comments, and likes on the YouTube page. I believe this is Marie's way of making us put ourselves out there, and boy did it work. I thought this would be the last thing I would ever want to do. Turns out not trying to win (because I AM going to win--how's that for visualization) is even scarier than pouring my heart out to the internets.

For your viewing pleasure, here is an 85-second peek into my heart:

Go to this link to comment or like the video: http://bit.ly/WBkddo

If you any of this resonated with you, I'd appreciate if you'd do two things:
1. Like the video on YouTube
2. Comment on the video on YouTube

If you are an overachiever, feel free to share on facebook or twitter. Something like this could work:

Wanna be Vibrant Sexy and Strong? Let’s help @JenniferHuntVSS #winBSCHOOL with @marieforleo http://bit.ly/WBkddo


.@marieforleo needs @JenniferHuntVSS to #winBSCHOOL so more women can be Vibrant Sexy and Strong http://bit.ly/WBkddo

Entries are closed at 3 pm EST today with decisions being made in the next couple of days. Wish me luck!

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