04 July 2012

Splash Pad Bday

We held Jonas' 4th birthday party today (a water themed birthday), but I found these cutey photos from his 2nd birthday in my drafts. Looks like we seems to have a thing for water. Oh the fun of summer birthdays!

02 July 2012

Once Upon a Time I Decided to Start Blogging Again

Blog, I miss you. Sure I have that other blog of mine and my journal and my kids' journals, but what about all those other things in my life?

Like when Mark Zuckerberg got married on my birthday weekend and he looked remarkably similar to a Mark I almost married. I felt like I was looking at the wedding-picture-that-almost-was, but had nowhere to share.*

Or when Katy Perry and Russell Brand split and I was sad for days and days.**

Or when Sid the Science Kid officially became more annoying than Caillou (unconscionable!)***.

You see? All this frivolty needs an outlet.

I am ready for a reconciliation. Blog, will you forgive my absence? In penance, here is a story from this evening.

The Littles love to be in the kitchen with me. I sit them on the counter and we cook together, which is great. Except when the counter is dirty. The width is approximately me + one child, so there's not much space to stand.

This weekend I made play fences and pulled one over to give myself some cleaning solitude. Displeased, they were! The fences are easily (and often) moved, but when the intent was decidedly unfriendly-Kitchen's Closed-they felt like victims of mutiny.

Despite the betrayal, I love my new barrier. The whole kitchen was sparkling by the time I opened the gates to the desperate crowd. My sis-in-law made the genius suggestion of using it for the bathroom too. So many possibilities.

Upon entrance and in a rare moment of camaraderie, the prisoners embraced. After having experienced such horrific conditions, the two found common ground and could celebrate the end of their bondage.

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