25 August 2011

Special Women: Ola and Loretta

Our move to Utah was awesome. We are so happy to be here and being with our family is even better than I could have imagined.

But I really miss our Texas family. A lot.

One special part of our Texas family are the beautiful grandmothers who took in our children. We were in our last home for just under 4 months, but this didn't stop these two women from giving our Jonas and Mimi all their love. The night before we left, they brought gifts for the children to occupy them on the loooooooooong car ride home and even tried to get us breakfast and lunch the day we were moving but we were too crazy to even think of eating.

Meet Ola.
She is the reason we moved to our last house. Patrick was looking at it without me and came home to tell me about the most delightful woman who lived across the street. He spoke so favorably of her that we both just knew we wanted her as our neighbor and friend. That is a choice we don't regret. She made the neighborhood for us and was a sweet reminder of how good people can be. The only regret we have is that we couldn't stay longer and get to know her better.

Meet Loretta. She wouldn't accept Jonas' reticence and won his affections quickly. He would often "race real fast" when she came by, showing off his running skills, gleefully enjoying her company while she doted on him. Loretta had an uncanny ability to turn Sir Grumps-a-Lot into Mr. McSmiles. Observe.

We love these women. They have impacted and inspired us more than they will ever know.

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