16 August 2011

Just the 8 of Us

When we decided to move, we were unsure about what our situation would be like when we got here, so we sold nearly everything we owned (including vehicles), piled the rest of our stuff into a 5x8 trailer (half of it was workout equipment), and took a 5-day road trip to the motherland.

In case you were wondering, a 5x8 trailer is NOT very big.


We may not have taken many possessions with us, but we took a lot of people. Serendipitously, the Boyer children and their Expedition were needing a family to drive them up to Idaho the very same weekend we left. Here's the motley crew:

Everyone told us we were crazy to drive 2000 miles with 6 kids. We kind of thought they might be right, but since we already sold our van, we really had no other options.

We are delighted to announce it is confirmed: We are crazy. Not because we took 6 kids, but because we LOVED having six kids. We've been road trip warriors for several years now, and this was by far one of the most memorable and most fun. We miss you Boyers (and we REALLY miss the third pair of hands named Morgan).

Maybe we can move back just to do it again.

More road trip pics to follow. I promised Sam I would get them up and I had better make good on my promises. It's been so long that she has already forgotten my name.


kt said...

I love it! I'm so glad you documented this with pictures :)

Can't wait for more updates on all of these changes!

love you!

Stefan Boyer said...

Your brave and not crazy. The kids had A great time and still talk about your great family and mny memories. Your amazing!!

Ryan Malnar said...

Hunts Family,

It sound like you guys are still making life an 'adventure'! That is so awesome. Never a dull moment. We now live in Colorado...When are we going to Disneyworld again?

Mrs. Ordinary said...

Malnars! Let's skip Disney World and go straight to Harry Potter. You in?