02 May 2011

Yonder Way Farm, from the Perspective of a 2-Year-Old

Jonas remembers everything. So much that I need to be extremely careful about following through with everything, as consistency is probably at the top of his values list. If I tell him at 8 am that we will water the plants after his afternoon nap, he bursts through the door at 3 pm, blurting "I water plants now" before I can even say, "Hi Jonas, how was your nap?"
If I tell him we are going to a friend's house (who lives 40 minutes away) and decide to take a different route halfway through, he starts whining because he thinks we missed our freeway exit.

When we visited a local bookstore for the first (and only) time, after passing it a month later, he told me which books he read and the bookmarks that he found interesting. He even named the place the Library-Bookstore By Da Hippo Park (there is a hippo at a nearby playground).

Jonas knows when you keep promises, and when you break them, even if they were made months ago.

It's really very hard to keep up with, but I thought I was doing a pretty decent job.

Which is why I was utterly, completely, totally floored when he recounted our last farm experience to me. Back in November, we visited a local farm to see where our meat was being raised and to meet the farmer. Jonas wasn't really saying much more than a few words then, and he hasn't said anything about the farm since we visited.

Two weeks ago I mentioned we were going to the farmer's market, which he mistook to mean the farm.

In his words:
A farm wif a cow an a cluck an a oinky

an I saw da cottadoos (cocka-doodle-doos)

an da trackers

An I ride m' bike

An da chickens

an da gobble gobbles

an I fay wif my cars

wif da chickens

Da big oinkys run

an I fay on da fayground

Der was water

an I frew rocks in da water

an I was skirred (scared)

an I fell down

and it was mud and dirty

an I fayed on a tracker

an Mommy an Daddy an Jonie an Baby went home

I'm not kidding. This is the story he told me, in this order, which happens to also be the order in which all of the events conspired. Five and a half months ago. That's genius, right?

It is as if he's bottled up all of his life experiences in his mind, just waiting for the moment when he his language abilities match his cognitive abilities. His mind is always racing, and when he can share as much as he so clearly wants to share, we may very well have a little chatterbox on our hands.

The things he didn't say that I'm sure he would have if he could get all the words out:

Mimi was adorable, as usual, and got lots of sunshine.

She spent most of the time in Mommy's and Daddy's arms 

or sleeping in the stroller.

Some boy tried to take m' bike

So I took it far away from him

The farm itself is phenomenal. It's clean, it's grass-fed and organic, and they're everything I look for in a farm. They process their chickens on-site and welcome anyone to observe or even participate if desired. Their beef and hogs are processed by a local family-owned business that is also very open-door with their facilities. If you are in the area and need some quality meat, Yonder Way Farm also delivers to pick-up groups around the city.

And best yet, visiting is a fun, memorable experience (as Jonas can attest).


Kara said...

Hallie is exactly the same way and she is has been at the point of constant chatterbox for awhile. It can be exhausting at times :) Jonas is a handsome little fellow and Mimi is ever so cute!

jessica said...

I love it! This sounds all too familiar to my life. You can't fool a 2 year old! ;) You are looking awesome Jen!

natalie said...

Wow! What a beautiful family! My goodness! Lovin' the Emirates shirt!