04 May 2011

Birthday Wish List

I turn 29 this month. I asked Patrick to do this for my birthday:

He said he may not have enough time to pull it off.

Sheesh, I lose 55 pounds and I still need to wait for my husband to be able to use me as a kettlebell in a Turkish get-up.

What's that? You hadn't heard?

Yes, I've lost 55 pounds since August and weigh less than when I got pregnant with Jonas, so I'm a much lighter kettlebell now. With no PCOS symptoms.

Paleo rocks my world.

(PS My husband is still quite strong, even if using me in a Turkish get-up is not part of our future)


Erica Huff said...

Congratulations! I hope you feel as great as you look. It was fun seeing you the other day and you do look amazing. Hooray for finding what works for you!

Kara said...

Congrats, Jen! 55 pounds is amazing! And happy birthday this month!! (enough exclamation points?) :)

Keith and Nicci said...

Gosh, Patrick can be suck a jerk sometimes...seriously I can't believe he won't take the time to do that for your 29th. I'm happy to if we can get together sometime soon. Oh, and congrats on finding a lifestyle that is so healthy and wonderful for you guys and being so healthy/losing so much wait - so happy for you!

Keith and Nicci said...

weight...i was a teacher in my former life

super awesome kt said...

YAY! Two great milestones :) Love you, Jen - so proud of you and happy that your health is improving using natural means! Such a blessing!

Kali said...

Jen!! that is flipping awesome! I am so impressed. I did a little research into what a Paleo diet is when you first started your other blog and I am amazed. Don't think I could do it but I am way impressed that you can and that you took charge of your health. It is very inspiring. Definitely a feat. I am so happy for you!!!

Mrs. Ordinary said...

Thanks ladies! Obviously, I'm pretty excited, even if Patrick won't do a Turkish get-up.