16 April 2011

Say Cheese!

Er...I mean...purple cabbage. She does have a dairy intolerance, after all.

Mimi loves to make dinner with me. Partly because she really enjoys the texture and different shapes of all the foods, partly because my silence-adoring Jonas is taking his nap and not yelling at her to "Sop talk!"

I love this picture so much because you can see how her hair is starting to come in (lighter than the rest of the family), she's got her characteristic glimmer in her eyes, and it features her perfect eyebrows (which turn bright red when she protests or sneezes).

This girl makes me feel like I'm in heaven every single day.

01 April 2011

Blog Revival

I finally figured out how to get more new photos on this blog without paying for more space! And not a minute too soon--we need more of this face on the blog.