04 February 2011

To Do: Win a Writing Contest. DONE!

Sometimes there are things on your To-Do List that you had no idea were there until after they are done.

For instance, last month, I had no idea Spend 2 hours on the phone with Bank of America was on my to-do list, followed by an unforeseen Rip hair out after phone call.

Before the week started, I would never have guessed I would put "Prepare for snow day" on my must-completes.

Or when I woke up this morning, I had no idea that my daily task list would include Win a Writing Contest.

Say, what?!

Well, sort of a writing contest. After changing our nutrition habits and finding so much success with it, I submitted my story to Whole9 last month and crossed my fingers. From the comments section of their blog, there were a lot of great stories floating around so I wasn't expecting much.

This is what I woke up to this morning:

I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm in such a good mood, I may even let Jonas watch The Muppetts Take Manhattan while I bounce around the house.

I thought the highlight of my week would be a No-Snow Snow Day. This is even better.

Read my entry here on Whole9


Kali said...

It is SUPER cool that you won! You have an awesome story!

Momoko Photography said...

Miss you too.

Momoko Photography said...

Also, you look sooo good.

Karen said...

Congrats, Spooner.
Those pics are awesome too.

Ali said...

Congrats! Love your story (and your new blog, btw...it make me wonder...). Love that you can find humor in your life, even in the trials. Thank goodness!

Janae Walker said...

you always did have a way of putting things into words! congrats! the story was great - poignant :) you look great (and i know you feel it as well)! i miss you tons! i will call you this week :)