01 February 2011

Introducing the Newest Member of the Family

UPDATE: Links functioning. Thanks for the heads up, Randa!

For months, I've decidedly chosen not to create a new blog. Months. Every time I consider it, I think "No time! There's never any time. No time to study, no time to wash my hair..."

And yet, every few days the thought pops into my head: "Start a new blog."

That's where the inner argument begins:
I don't want to.

You should

I shouldn't. I don't have anything to say

Whatever. You always have something to say, whether you should or not
That's true. A great strength and flaw of mine. And then it continues:
So if I start this blog, what's my focus? I have an opinion on everything. I'm all over the place.

Yeah, you are.
End conversation. I think my inner self is giving me permission to give up. But my inner self is giving me permission to think.

So after months of thinking and arguing, I decided to start a new blog. I figured it was that or admitting myself to Bellevue.

January was prep time and now the family blog is pleased to introduce our newest member of the family:

Risqué, I know!

I spend a lot of time researching PCOS, Paleo nutrition, exercise, sustainable/ethical farming, and overall fitness. I also spend egregious amounts of time implementing what I learn. Now it's all coming together in one place. To share and to learn together.

It has been a long road, but I feel like I'm finally at a place where I can be healed from PCOS, enjoy good food without being hungry all the live-long day, exercise a lot less than I used to, and become for-real toned (not fake toned).

After years of not even realizing what a zombie I was, I finally feel alive. (And I've lost 45 pounds and counting, which is awesome in and of itself).

There is a heavy PCOS slant (for now), but I truly believe the nutrition and fitness principles are for everyone. I'd love some feedback, so if you have any questions or comments, kind or scathing, send them my way.

Read the first chapter of my PCOS story and a handful of other articles here.

And PS, we had twins. PATRICK started a blog too! My world has been totally rocked. In a good way.


randa_joy said...

your new blog link isn't working...

Wood Family said...

Very cool blog Jen! It's so nice to know there are other people going through this. Right now I'm really struggling with having zero energy during the day. I make sure I am in bed early and wake up feeling wonderful but then an hour later I'm SO tired. I really hate it! I need to check out my insulin and see whats going on and get things fixed!

Good job on losing so much weight!