22 January 2011

No Room

Did you know you can run out of free space on your blog?

Neither did I. But evidently I ran out in November (as far as posting pictures is concerned).

My options:
a) buy more space (maybe...)
b) delete old posts (unlikely...)
c) publish all those old drafts that are taking up space (yeah, yeah...)
d) start a new blog (already did...announcement coming soon)
e) ?

I'm still deciding what to do about this blog which has been relatively defunct. In the meantime, here is an update on our little ones.


  • Vocab Explosion. After spending 2 weeks with the big boy cousins/friends, Jonas realized he could talk and has since added about 8,000 words to his vocabulary
  • Character Judgments. Along with new words come solid assessment of those around him: Baby ih fawn-ny. Daddy ih cool. Mama ih cwazy.
  • Worker Bee. Jonas takes his play very seriously and has a special mat that he uses for his daily "work" which includes anything from putting clothes pins on the rim of a jar to separating coins into different compartments
  • Bragging Moment. My heart swelled with pride when I watched him unload the dishwasher, separate all the silverware, return the dishes to their proper places, load the dishwasher, put the soap in, return the soap to its spot under the sink, close the dishwasher, and start it up. All by himself. He also does his own laundry.


  • Yum Yum. We started her out on solids at 7 months. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pears are all big hits. She loves eating so much that she does it until she throws up.
  • Gross Motor. The babe sits up like a champ. Still doesn't roll over all the way, but I think that is more of a preference thing
  • Beauty Queen. She's really pretty. Her eyelashes practically reach the top of her head.
  • Hair. My little baldy is growing out of her baldness. It looks dark, but not as dark as Jonas'.
  • Chubbo. She weighed 17.5 pounds at 7 months, which is more than Jonas weighed at his one-year well-check. She stores most of that in her thighs.


heather said...

I'm glad you are back!

Big Mama said...

Hee hee - you never fail to make me laugh. And I think you should send Jonas over to do our laundry. I'll even let him do the dishes if he wants :)

nbrawley said...

I ran out of space too. I was soo ticked. Long story short, I ended up paying the $5 for more storage. I didn't want to delete old posts and I realized I loved posting pics. Anyways, I am glad you are back. I like to keep up with everyone. My new guy, Calvin, is doing the same thing as Mimi. He sits up like a champ but does not want to roll (more of a preference thing too). Keep updating us.