01 October 2010

Video Week 1: Weezer feat. Kenny G

I'm Your Daddy
Weezer featuring Kenny G.

With the weekend coming and it being Friday and all, we thought we'd send you off right. We love Weezer. They inspired our son's name and even tempted me into naming our daughter Pinkerton (or perhaps Ouiser if she hadn't been such a foul character in Steel Magnolias). This little ditty is so upbeat, it will send you smiling straight into Saturday.

Why It's Worth Your 3:24
* Because it's Weezer
* Kenny G is so happy
* You can't get this version on the Raditude cd
* Because it's Weezer

That wraps up our first ever video week. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

randa_joy said...

Having gone to high school in the 90's I love Weezer too. I wondered if Jonas' name was from the song. Awesome. Also while I was pregnant with Tatum, Spencer and Addie called the baby Weezie, and Weeza. Luckily it didn't stick.