27 October 2010

My Happy Place

Lots of people have a happy place where they can mentally escape. Whether it's the mountains or the beach or a museum or on the top of some high building, everyone needs a happy place. My happy place is tanning by the pool. It's completely superficial, mindless, and slightly embarrassing to my husband. If I could have one day to myself, I would spend it laying out (and not in the backyard because it's not the same, despite what husband believes).

Today it is a glorious 91 degrees. My happy place is taunting me.

The kids will be fine during their naps. Run to the pool. Just for a couple of minutes. Think how nice that sun will feel beating down on you, evening out those horrible tan lines from a summer of capped sleeves. Come now, it's October 27. When will you have another chance?

I sure wish Patrick wasn't working out tonight. Turns out the Littles can't watch themselves.


Heather said...

I don't have a happy place exactly. I have a happy time. It's when the kids go to bed. Is that horrible?

Momoko Photography said...

mine is in my bed.

Kali said...

That IS a happy place indeed!! I would totally be joining you fyi!

danje said...

you would think living here i wouldn't even have to think about getting some sun, but alas i haven't spent a day by the pool like i'd like to yet. maye if you were here we'd take that break. my other happy place would be sitting on the beach in a hoodie when it's overcast. thanks for taking me to those happy places via bloggerdom.