06 October 2010

Mary Poppins

I feel we did Mimi an injustice by not naming her Mary Poppins, for she is practically perfect in every way. The first 8 weeks were BAD BAD BAD and we were wondering how we could have possibly had a baby who was harder than Jonas. It seemed to violate the Eighth Amendment banning cruel and unusual punishment.

Were we just wimps? Complainers? Not cut out to be parents?

And then we found out what normal babies are like, except better. While Jonas was probably harder than your average hard baby, I'm inclined to believe Mimi is easier than your average easy baby.

Oh it is glorious.


natalie said...

I want to kiss on those cheeks so bad. I am glad she is a good baby for you and Pat. You deserve it! Love you!

Kali said...

I am so glad you have your 'mary poppins' after a rough 8 weeks! You deserve it. And She is beautiful.

heather said...

Oh, I love her little dress. Glad those hard 8 weeks are gone!

Boyer Family said...

We miss her, Jonas and the parents!!!! What beautiful babies.

Janae Walker said...

i know the feeling. both of my kids have just been good babies :) glad that things are going well!