27 October 2010

My Happy Place

Lots of people have a happy place where they can mentally escape. Whether it's the mountains or the beach or a museum or on the top of some high building, everyone needs a happy place. My happy place is tanning by the pool. It's completely superficial, mindless, and slightly embarrassing to my husband. If I could have one day to myself, I would spend it laying out (and not in the backyard because it's not the same, despite what husband believes).

Today it is a glorious 91 degrees. My happy place is taunting me.

The kids will be fine during their naps. Run to the pool. Just for a couple of minutes. Think how nice that sun will feel beating down on you, evening out those horrible tan lines from a summer of capped sleeves. Come now, it's October 27. When will you have another chance?

I sure wish Patrick wasn't working out tonight. Turns out the Littles can't watch themselves.

26 October 2010


If there is anything more important to Jonas than water (or in his words: waddle), I have yet to discover it.

25 October 2010

On Mormons in Politics

As we enter the final days before midterm elections, updates regarding prominent LDS politicians and political commentators pepper my Facebook home page throughout the day. The two most common concern Glenn Beck and Harry Reid (who is the Senator in my beloved Nevada):

"I'm so embarrassed Glenn Beck is Mormon."

"I'm so embarrassed Harry Reid is Mormon."

Of course there are others that embarrass my fellow Mormons: Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch, Bob Bennett, Scott Matheson. The list is limited, yet significant.

In general, these comments also extend to other public figures: Julie (from The Real World--does that date me?), Tyson from Survivor, Julianne Hough from DWTS...

These comments bother me. A lot. And what bothers me more is that I used to make them, too.

You see, if I were to walk into my ward, I could pick out who has differing political beliefs or who drinks alcohol or who is not attending meetings regularly or who wears immodest clothing. But I don't. And when I see those people, I never never think "I'm so embarrassed they are Mormon." I think, "I'm glad to see them here."

Of course being in the public eye means greater scrutiny on personal choices. I'm just sad to hear my fellow Mormons are so embarrassed of one another. I'm sure if my life were to be held up to public scrutiny, there would be much embarrassment there, too. But I'm doing the best I can, as I'm sure many of us are.

22 October 2010

Jonas Turns Two in Grand Fashion

When Jonas turned one, I had these grand plans of a birthday party just for one-year-olds. There were between 10-15 in his acquaintance, and I thought a one-year-old party would have been so much fun since the little ones are generally neglected at birthday parties.

Well, as it turned out, we couldn't find a weekend that worked for a few months. And then as the months dragged on, I ended up committing the cardinal motherhood sin: I did not throw Jonas a birthday party. No cake on the face photo for his first birthday (though truth be told, he probably wouldn't have even liked cake).

As his second birthday rolled around, it was appearing that I had not learned my lesson. Sure, we went to the race track, but it wasn't an actual birthday with candles and singing. There was just too much to do and I couldn't plan on a party when I was having a baby any day.

Thankfully, my mom saved the day. As usual. A month and a half late, we pulled together a birthday party perfect for our little man. Michelle came over and helped me make a car cake, as cars are his obsession of choice. We had Elmo partyware, a random selection of food, and while I planned a few carnival games, we scrapped those and just turned on the hose in the driveway. It was everything he loved all rolled into one day.

We ate cake, he blew out the candles (and loved it), we sang Happy Birthday to him despite his protests (Jonas hates being sung to. His least favorite song of all time is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star), he opened presents, and the afternoon was filled with laughter and good friends. All the requirements for a success.

But just when I thought his party couldn't get any more perfect for him, Michelle and her girls did the remarkable. They gave my children a bath. Oh Hallelujah! Jonas and Mimi both love their baths and I love not having to give them one, so it felt like a birthday present for me too.

Overall, the party was absolutely right for my boy. And while I had lots of fun putting it together, my track record suggests I will procrastinate most of their birthdays until it's too late. Unless of course my mom comes in town. Perhaps we ought to make that a tradition.

06 October 2010

Mary Poppins

I feel we did Mimi an injustice by not naming her Mary Poppins, for she is practically perfect in every way. The first 8 weeks were BAD BAD BAD and we were wondering how we could have possibly had a baby who was harder than Jonas. It seemed to violate the Eighth Amendment banning cruel and unusual punishment.

Were we just wimps? Complainers? Not cut out to be parents?

And then we found out what normal babies are like, except better. While Jonas was probably harder than your average hard baby, I'm inclined to believe Mimi is easier than your average easy baby.

Oh it is glorious.

01 October 2010

Video Week 1: Weezer feat. Kenny G

I'm Your Daddy
Weezer featuring Kenny G.

With the weekend coming and it being Friday and all, we thought we'd send you off right. We love Weezer. They inspired our son's name and even tempted me into naming our daughter Pinkerton (or perhaps Ouiser if she hadn't been such a foul character in Steel Magnolias). This little ditty is so upbeat, it will send you smiling straight into Saturday.

Why It's Worth Your 3:24
* Because it's Weezer
* Kenny G is so happy
* You can't get this version on the Raditude cd
* Because it's Weezer

That wraps up our first ever video week. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend!