24 September 2010

What's all this hype about video week?

Hi blog, remember when I used to write you? When I faithfully thought about you on a regular basis and contributed to our relationship? Yes, those were the glory days.

Then out of the blue, I decided I wanted to exercise instead of write. And if I did write, I wrote on another blog, two others in fact (gasp!). I got pregnant and stayed sick all 41.5 weeks. I had a baby, my mom was in town, Patrick's parents were in town, Jonas was in the hospital (more on that to come), Rebecca was in town, we had a lice scare (no lice, but all the treatments and cleaning were dutifully completed), we had to find an apartment and move with just over a week's notice, we spent forever unpacking (work in progress), my brother and his family were in town, and we had to cope with me and Jonas crying every day over the transition (also, work in progress).

And blog, I bet you're excited right now because you think I'm going to write something meaningful. Well, I'm not. I'm still unpacking and changing our address and making a 5-year plan and creating photobooks before my 55% off coupon runs out on September 30 and trying to find a daytime babysitter so I can join a new gym and contacting admissions offices and learning everything there ever was to know about Robb Wolf and simply not making you a priority.

BUT I have a lot in the works. Nothing more than the way it used to be, but still more than it is now.

As penance, I have declared this week the first annual Ordinary Video Week. Starting Saturday when blog traffic is always outrageously low, I'll share with you current videos that rock my world.

And then after Video Week, I have a whole lotta stuff to write. Or maybe I'll cop out and do another video week. Only October will tell.

Until then, enjoy my littles (which is the best thing on my full plate).


The Hunsakers said...

Oh, I miss those littles. So cute.

Janae Walker said...

little miss is getting so big! beautiful! your little man is no longer a baby! they grow so fast!