25 September 2010

Video Week 1: The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail--Official Trailer

Why It's Worth Your 2:28 (if you're old enough to remember the game's quirky nuances):
Every reason listed in THIS article covers it. And for the record, I never named my teammates Poop Face.

PS Happy Birthday Mom!

Source: The Huffington Post


heather said...

Oh my, this is so funny. I loved playing this game.

Jason and Lissa said...

This reminds me of the BYU Divine Comedy parodoy of Oregon Trail. It's one of those laugh-till-you-cry ones. It's on youtube if you haven't seen it.

Ali said...

Who doesn't love the Oregon Trail? I used to go in early to school to get onto the apple computer and get my OT on. Yes, I was a nerd even then. I'm really, really glad they mentioned dysentary. It always made me so angry when my guys got dysentary.