29 September 2010

Video Week 1: Advice for Young Girls

Advice from a Cartoon Princess: Belle

Why It's Worth Your 1:44
* If you have beef with the portrayal of healthy relationships in Disney cartoons...

The advice from Ariel is funnier, but there are a few jokes that are too inappropriate for our blog. Here are the best ones though:
  • My best feature is my voice, so I sold it for plastic surgery.
  • If you have a father that loves you, run away from him.
  • Don't ever talk to a man until he kisses you on the lips first. Then as a woman, you're allowed.
  • You should always find a stranger to obsess over and then genetically modify yourself for that stranger.
  • Never be comfortable in the body you're given. If you don't like how you look, snip snip. Nothing wrong with that!
  • I'm an ordinary human instead of being a beautiful princess mermaid, and I love that.

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