21 September 2010

Blueberry Picking

* I will be putting up old posts for a while so my family can see the little man and then will eventually back-date them to their proper place. Expect picture-heavy and absent of anecdotes. Thanks for your patience *

{June 5, 2010}

For the last couple of years, blueberry season has flown right past us. We seem to always catch the peaches, persimmons, and blackberries, but the blueberry harvest seems to be much shorter (and hotter).

But for whatever the season lacks in length, the farm name more than compensates.

Since we were just waiting around for this baby to be born, we figured we may as well take advantage of the need to stay close to home.

After picking the blueberries, I now understand why they are so expensive. It's fairly labor-intensive. You have to pick through the entire bush and pick out each individual blueberry. Even if they are on the same stalk, some blueberries are ripe while others aren't even close to darkening.
Jonas wasn't incredibly interested in the actual picking, but once he tasted one, he was sold.

There are only two things in this world that can take his mind off of food: vehicles and dogs. So while we had intended on a fun-filled day of blueberry-picking, it actually turned into a short few minutes of picking peppered between dog-petting and trailer-exploring.

See ya next season!

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Jennifer said...

Geez, I love that kid. Miss you guys.