17 August 2010

Kenny & Ziggy's

Mimi is officially 2 months old today, and while she has not had much of a presence on the blog, rest assured she is very present in our every day happenings. Perhaps when I get a handle on this two-kids-bit, I will upload photos of her.

Now on to the real business. This woman. This woman here is my mom.

She arrived 10 days after Mimi was born and stayed a full month. Seriously, she's the best. While most of our excitement took place at home, mama wanted to visit a place introduced to her by her good friend Guy Fieri. And how could I deny such a simple (and delicious) request from a woman who traveled 1600 miles to clean my bathrooms and make me dinner?

Having worked in a real East Coast deli in her youth, my mom's heart palpitated for corned beef--pickled on site, chopped liver, and any nosh involving lox. And boy, did she have her options. The menu was enormous.


Oh this is getting ridiculous; it's as big as my daughter.

The menu's size could only be matched by its Reuben,

its Pastrami,

its Tuna Melt,

And most importantly, its cheesecake topped with chocolate mousse (which the 4 of us shared).

We even got to meet Ziggy while we were there and did a little (unsuccessful) pacifier-training.

The food and experience were well-worth the price. Thanks K&Z for bringing our family together for a yummy meal and an invaluable lesson that, like everything else, family photos with two children are infinitely more difficult than family photos with one.


heather said...

Anything that Guy Fieri suggests is always good. The food is not only a ton, but it looks so good.
I'm glad your momma got to stay with you for a month. That is just the best. Love ya Jen.

Blarney Girl said...

Cheesecake with chocolate mousse on top??? How have I missed this my whole life? Must....get....to....K&Z....for.....cheesecake! :D

Sarah said...

We always plan our trips around Diners Drive Ins and Dives finds! That is so nice that your mom was out there for a month. She is so sweet and I love seeing the pics of all of you. You look amazing Jen and your mom hasn't changed a bit!

natalie said...

How wonderful to have her there! I am so glad you have had the help. I am obsessed with your littles! They are too cute for words!