25 August 2010

Just the Three of Us

When my mom left and Mimi was still in the hold me all day long phase, we spent a lot of time like this. I cannot get over how much Jonas loves his "bebe" and his snuggling is just an added bonus.

Jonas has never been very snuggly. He is Mr. Independent in every way. Don't try to feed him; he'll do it himself. Don't even try to put food on the fork for him. He skipped sippy cups and went straight for the real thing; doesn't like us to carry him very often; tries to do everything we do. And he doesn't fall for the choices within these parameters trick.

Mommy: Would you like the red shirt or the blue shirt?
Jonas: No (walks over to the dresser and picks the orange shirt).

He is my little teenager in a toddler body (with the talking level of a caveman).

But one of the unexpected surprises was how physically close Jonas wanted to be to his family after Mimi was born. To be sure, he was a loving child before the baby, but his sensory issues have always prevented him from getting too close. After Mimi, he wanted to express his love more often. It's still a struggle and uncomfortable for him to be too close, but he's trying. That was our transition. Less crying, more cuddling.

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