05 March 2011

A Good Reminder

Sometimes on days like today when I am ashamed of how I parented my child, I look at old pictures and remember I don't do everything wrong.

My boy asks to play in the waddle, so we do. Not because it's easy for me, but because it's fun for him.

Tender mercies let me realize that I can have a failure of a day. But as long as my successes outnumber the failures, I'm doing okay.

(And when those failure days stretch into 6 days in a row, that's when I know I need a nap)

{May 17, 2010}

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We are... said...

These are some ADORABLE pictures! And funny enough, it made my eyes well up with tears....

Mostly because he looks in those pictures about the same age as my boy, and it's just such a wonderful age! I love...