11 July 2010

Mimi is already over 3 weeks old and pictures of her on the blog are pretty sparse. Turns out two kids is a lot of work. I haven't even thought about uploading any photos later than day 4, let alone actually getting around to doing it. Perhaps in another season of life when I'm getting more than 2 hours of sleep a week.

Here's a sampling of the family princess. I'm amazed at how quickly her appearance, demeanor, everything has changed. That will be evident if I ever get some updated photos on here.

There you have it. Stay tuned for more updates. Part 1 of the birth story will appear tomorrow.


Heather said...

She is just beautiful and looks so calm. I bet that means she isn't anymore, especially when you say that you haven't had any sleep.

Kali said...

Oh my! I love her little face! Yes! more pics please:)