07 June 2010

No babies here

I was 100% positive I would have a baby in May.

Seven days into June and on the first day of my official 11-day due date, there is not a single baby in the house.

Even my little Jonas, who has always been so reliable as my baby, is no longer a baby. He turned 2 on Wednesday and is officially a kid.

That means I measure him in years, not months.

I take him to well-child checkups; not well-baby. And only once a year.

His clothes (theoretically) have a T behind the number instead of months.

He is officially heavy enough to be out of his infant carrier (23 lbs and approaching the growth curve).

And as far as the Terrible Twos? I don't believe in them. Jonas is easier now than ever. The terrible twos are a breeze compared to the first 19 months of life. Of course, he's only been two for a few days, but I'm confident things will only get better.

Happy Birthday to my Big Boy. I thank God every day that you made me a mother.


heather said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!!! And man, I was hoping a baby would be at your house too. I can't wait to see what you guys are having!

Kara said...

I can't believe he's two. Two was easy for me, but then she hit two and a half and the spunk and attitude came out. She's still fun though and makes me laugh everyday!

Karen said...

I keep thinking and wondering if you have had your baby! Good luck, hope it goes well. Love that little Jonas!

natalie said...

happy birthday little jonas! I cannot believe you are two!