29 May 2010

Tutorial: Air Travel with Toddlers

If you have to travel without your spouse, just don't do it with a toddler.

But if you have to travel with a toddler, just don't do it with a restless one.

But if you have to travel with a restless toddler, just don't do it when you are 33 weeks pregnant and still afflicted with morning sickness.

But if you have to travel with a restless toddler while you are 33 weeks pregnant and still afflicted with morning sickness, pray and then do the following:

DO have delicious eats in a new container. It may cost you $5 at the airport, but it's worth it.

DO have an empty window seat next to you, preferably at the back of the plane where your child is not distracted by everything going on behind him. You may even have to explore the tiny airplane lavatory 3-13 times, so it's easier when you are close and know if someone is in it.

DO borrow toys from a friend with strings attached to all the pieces

use velcro.

DO bring new books. Standby favorites are not enough to keep a rambunctious toddler occupied when there is so much other fun stuff to see.

DO employ the use of stickers. They may end up on the paper, window, and your shirt.

DO thank any strangers willing to smile for your child as they pass by.

DO bring small candies to sort and place into small spaces, such as the tiny crevice between the window and window shade.

DO bring toys that roll, but are big enough to pick up easily.

DO bring new treats. Old treats will not do the trick when your surroundings are so novel. Also, be prepared to be eat them yourself because feeding Mommy is even more fun than feeding self.

DO NOT underestimate the power of prayer. Even if your child has never ever ever ever ever fallen asleep in public, there is still a chance. He passed out right when the plane landed. I set him down, grabbed my backpack and diaper bag, picked him up again, walked through the airport, grabbed my suitcase off the baggage claim, tied my diaper bag and enormous toddler car seat to the suitcase, and walked outside to meet my ride ALL while he peacefully (and very heavily) slept in my arms and on top of my huge prego belly.

But again, only do this if you have to.


B. said...

Ha! Julianne has had to fly with Emmie alone so many times. I cringe just thinking about it - it is hard enough when we are both there.

Jennifer said...

You are super woman. I am so impressed. And I will take your advice to heart. Brilliant.

heather said...

love this post. Also love that he fell asleep at the very end. That always seems to happen to us.

Heather said...

That was great. Why couldn't you have posted this last October when I had to travel with an 11 month old by myself?

Kirchner Family said...

You are always so smart and so very esy going with this great kid of yours! Love you guys!