23 May 2010


* I will be putting up old posts for a while so my family can see the little man and then will eventually back-date them to their proper place. Expect picture-heavy and absent of anecdotes. Thanks for your patience *

In January, my old roomie got married and I couldn't get out to the sealing in SLC, but luckily I made it out to the reception in California. I stayed with another former roommate (Jess) and played with her little Teagan. I missed having Jonas with me, but it was still a fun getaway.

I love the blushing bride. When I think of virtuous woman, I can't help but think of Kristi.
We met up with Stasy (another roomie) and LeeBob (not a roomie). It was fun to reconnect with old friends. And by the way, Lee owns Rowley Press, a letterpress studio and purveyor of fine goods. If you are in Provo, check it out. And even if you aren't, I'm sure orders can be arranged.

And the beauty of January in Southern California is that while Houston was going through an uncharacteristic arctic front, I went to the mountains/lake (Lake Arrowhead), the orange groves (Redlands), and the beach (Newport) all in one weekend. Thanks for the good time Jess!

And no trip out west would be complete without a view of my mountains on the way home. I can't get enough.

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