20 May 2010

Eating with Jonas

* I will be putting up old posts for a while so my family can see the little man and then will eventually back-date them to their proper place. Expect picture-heavy and absent of anecdotes. Thanks for your patience *

{March 15}

I look at this photo and realize the high chair was something I never fully cherished. Our days are few and far between when we see the little man like this. He now chooses Mommy's ever-diminishing lap as his chair of preference.

It gets tiring all day long to eat with him, but I really like it most of the time. The day will come when he doesn't want to be with me every second of the day, and when it does, I won't have any regrets about missing out on our time together.

And those legs. I can't get enough!

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heather said...

He is so cute, but you knew that already. Hey, Happy Birthday girl! Hope it's a good one today.