27 May 2010


By chance last summer, Patrick stumbled upon CrossFit and was instantly sold. Forging Elite Fitness is their motto and ultimately what we're striving for in terms of our health goals.

You use plenty of weights in the program, but the purpose isn't to isolate muscles and look like a body builder (or even lift like one). The purpose is functional; to improve work capacity. It's used by firefighters, police officers, military, and others who need to be in their athletic prime.

CrossFit doesn't specialize in any particular area, so you won't be the top runner or the top lifter in the world. But you'll be awesome at everything and in overall extraordinary health.

I was skeptical at first because the workouts looked way too intense for me. I wasn't opposed to lifting, but the WODs (workout of the day) seemed impossible for me to ever attain. After about 10 months of doing the program though, I'm sold on its effectiveness. Each time I'm bringing in groceries, I realize how much more weight I can hold because of the Farmer's Walk. When I put a heavy bin on a high shelf without Patrick's help, I think to myself "Hey look, my shoulder presses actually work!"

In fact, it's such an effective program that ever since I became a CrossFitter, I've gained at least 10 inches in my waist (Results not typical seeing as I spent 90% of the time pregnant).

It started out with Patrick following the program alone. Slowly but surely, our numbers have grown and we have 3 workout groups coming in and out of our garage (5:30 am, 8 am, 6:15 pm) with 8 regulars. Occasionally other people will trickle in, but we've found they don't usually last because their goals are different than ours.

To celebrate our collective love of elite fitness, Patrick designed and executed a *CrossFit Games event in our garage on May 15, with five competitors. Sadly, I was held to taking photographs and video since I start having contractions just walking around the block. Details to follow.

* CrossFit Games are an actual event, though ours are not sponsored by CrossFit. They were just for fun.

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