23 May 2010


* I will be putting up old posts for a while so my family can see the little man and then will eventually back-date them to their proper place. Expect picture-heavy and absent of anecdotes. Thanks for your patience *

{January 22}

After San Antonio, we drove to Austin, first stopping at Naegelin's in New Braunfels, a 141-year-old bakery. We always make our way there when we're in San Antonio. Ooh, I'm drooling over a sweet German pretzel right now.

Again, we did some of the usual tourist things in Austin. We visited the Capitol (which incidentally had a shooting the day before--eek!) and then drove out to Driftwood to eat at the Salt Lick. It was well-worth the drive and is our new favorite Texas BBQ place.

On the way back home to Houston, Jonas began screaming. He was so exhausted that he was having trouble falling asleep, especially with two people in the back seat. Once we flipped on the mariachi music, he passed out for the rest of the car ride. Perhaps I have a budding Nacho Libre on my hands.

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