26 May 2010


We participated in our stake's 2nd Annual 5K. I ended up doing just the 1-mile with Jonas, while Patrick and his workout partner Greg ended up each winning first place in their age groups!

Next year, all of the CrossFitters are going to win. I can feel it.

While all of the other children were enjoying the entertainment, my child scrounged around the pavilion looking for fallen popcorn.

We figured it was time to get him his own bag since he was obviously so desperate for a salty snack.


Jason and Lissa said...

Gotta love that happy grin. Who knew popcorn could make a kid so happy?

Karen said...

Woo woo, Patrick. Looking good! Your body truly is a wonderland. That's so fun that your stake does a 5K! I would totally win with you next year, Spooner!

Blarney Girl said...

I'll only win if they have a weight category!!! :D