01 April 2010

What? I have a blog, you say?

To all you pregnant women who have a toddler at home and still find time to blog, I salute you.

This baby's conception and ensuing morning sickness coincided directly with Jonas learning to walk. He waited nearly 16 months then decided to walk across the room one night before bed. The next morning he was running. We had none of the cute toddling about, trying to find his balance. But we do have plenty of the cute games of toddler-initiated tag.

The combination of pregnancy plus an active Jonas has caused grand neglect to this blog. Evidently. There are plenty of posts I wanted to put up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Visits from both sets of grandparents. Vacations to Dubai, California, Austin, San Antonio, camping. But I've been too busy throwing Cheerios from the couch, treating my child like a duck at the park instead of an actual, real-life human being.

And then there are all the Jonas-related posts I've wanted to write about:
How he requalified for therapy. How he doesn't say words, but will occasionally say sentences. How he loves nursery (even though I still don't--no offense to the leaders; I just miss my little guy). How he works out with us in the garage and knows everyone's workout noises. How he can do a perfect lunge after watching Daddy do a mile of them. How he thinks the toilet is a perfect place to refill his water bottle. How he loves his buddies (stuffed animals). How he can play with cars all day long. How he loves my abyss of a bellybutton.

But no, those posts and stories will have to wait until Heaven. They are probably not forthcoming unless I get an extra burst of energy and an even more unlikely decrease in household and church responsibilities.

I haven't uploaded photos in months. Months! But I will post a recent picture or two in the month of April. The grandparents know how to put the pressure on and have requested updates. How can I deny a simple request from two people who acted as free babysitters for 2 straight weeks?

Until then, there are pressing questions I seem to answer every day that need to be addressed.

Part 2. As in Baby Number 2.

Did anyone else realize that TWO IS A LOT OF KIDS?!?!?!

I used to think two kids was a small family. Oh no. It's not. We are exiting our 7-year stint of that young couple or that young couple with the baby and entering into the phase where we are now considered that family. When we move, we will be the new family in the ward/neighborhood. Not that young couple who moved in.

As per usual, I receive a lot of the same questions regarding this baby, so with minimal fanfare, here are the deets:

Due date. June 7-17. Jonas' due range was June 6-16 so we are going to have a busy month.

Gender. We'll let you know in June, unless the ultrasound tech slips up. I never thought I would want a surprise...

Speaking of surprises, was it? Hmmm. I don't think any pregnancy can be considered a surprise if no preventative measures are being taken. Since I "would never have children without in vitro, and even then it's unlikely," I always planned on Jonas being our only kid. When Part 2 started making its presence known (and so quickly!), we were astonished. I miscarried in June, so we were somewhat prepared that my body could get pregnant again, but it still seemed unlikely. Surprise, no. Surprising, definitely.

How are you feeling? Ugh. But don't feel bad for me, because I'm having a baby! And so happy about it, too. I wasn't sick at all with Jonas, and my body is wholeheartedly making up for lost time. I think it's safe to say that week 30 isn't going to be the magic week either and I'm geared up to feel sick the entire pregnancy. (But if you ask me, I may just lie because it only makes me feel worse to remember my symptoms. Or maybe it's because I'm having a baby, and I really do feel quite fine about that).

But is there any relief? Yes. Exercise. And healthy eating. I hate that those are always the answer. If you are curious about my daily workouts, you can read them here: The Fit Mommies (There. My secret is out. Blog, I've been cheating on you with a younger, fitter blog). Originally this started out as a project between my friend and I, but she got so busy getting thin that I seem to have made it my own personal journal.

Are you ready for this baby? Is that possible?

Does Jonas understand? No. All he knows is that he has to fight for belly space. He lays on my stomach to snuggle and the baby's increasing strength allows him to feel the kicks. Jonas always pushes back. I'm glad they are already fighting. Did I mention that two is a lot of kids?

Anything else? Yes, but that will have to wait another 9.5 weeks. Unless of course the baby is here by then, which is likely.

Here are some old photos of Jonas at the pumpkin patch in October. They are pre-haircut, but since it's been 5 months, his hair looks like this again. Just imagine him with a thinner face and the same clothes fitting better.


Lissa said...

If you're that sick this time around, my money is on a baby girl. :)

Glad to hear from you (or, at least, your blog) again! There are some cute pictures of Jonas in the pumpkin patch!

nbrawley said...

Congratulations on baby #2! Jessica had mentioned you were pregnant but was waiting until it was posted and official. I am so happy for ya'll. 2 can be quite the adventure. But I hear 3 is the hardest....which I will soon find out. Anyways, your little boy is soooo cute. I cant wait for you to upload more recent pictures. Give me a call if you are ever in Fort Worth in the near future!!!

Frugal or Cheap? said...

Thank you for appeasing my selfish request:)

*natalie said...

Hey! Your update was only 1 day after your deadline. Good job.

Two is a lot but it's absolutely wonderful! We are so excited for you.

JamesnMeagan said...


You prob don't remember me from the married student ward in Provo, but I'm so excited for you to be having another baby. James and I just had ours in December after 5 years of waiting. You really inspired me and gave me hope while we were struggling to get pregnant. James used to live in Dubai so I think it's way awesome you guys visited. We want to visit someday. Here's our blog if you are interested. jamesnmeagan.blogspot.com

heather said...

You're back!!!! I've missed you...okay your writing...but you too!
So I'm sorry I didn't email or call you. I thought you were pregnant but wasn't sure for reals. I'm a bad friend.
Anyway, glad you are back. Love ya!

Kara said...

Thanks for the update Jen. I am so excited for you. And I'm excited that you are keeping the gender a surprise. I'm thinking of possibly doing the same when number 2 comes along. I hope your number 2 is a girl cause they rock. Although having another boy as cute as Jonas wouldn't be bad either :)
Good luck and I hope you feel better sooner rather than later!

vigues said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you're feeling so lousy! I will admit I don't like being pregnant, esp with a toddler. I myself have had many days of tossing children food from the couch...it is not a proud time, but they survive it and I did too!
I'm so excited that you're having another baby, though, even if it is overwhelming. It's always overwhelming to me! I actually enjoyed #2 a little more. I actually kinda knew what I was doing that time around (which didn't make handling the toddler easy--but my first I've always had a rougher learning curve with at all ages!). Good luck--but as Adam Sandler taught me, "You can do it!"

Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said...

Your little guy is so delicious - my girls comment on that all the time when they see him at church or activities. :) Um...can I give you an unsolicited tip? I bought Hannah some really cool toys to play with ONLY when I was nursing or caring for Maddy as a baby - it helped with the juggling act, since Hannah would then become occupied with something new and novel. So happy for you and your family!

Janae Walker said...

FINALLY!!!! hehehe....it's a good thing I talk to you on the phone sometimes or else I would have no idea what's going on :) little man is just adorable and I am secretly hoping you have a girl so that my little girl will have a fun playmate when we finally visit each other. But, a boy would be awesome for Jonas! Yes, as soon as baby #2 is born...you will be a "real family." Tat is something I head just after Eve was born and I've decided it's true! Congrats :)

Bart and Kellie said...

Jen! Your little guy is getting cuter and cuter! I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy, Two is a lot, I actually thought two was more of an adjustment than three was. Or maybe its I'm just crazy now and didn't notice as much. Glad to see even a little bit of an update from you, and at least promise to update when there are pictures of a new baby to post... promise? Good.

natalie said...

So glad you are back!!!

The M's said...

Yay, I can't wait for July!

I'm sooooo very happy and excited for You, Patrick & Jonas!!!

BTW - Yes I agree two kids is definitely ALOT.

erin said...

we are excited for your new addition coming! i LUV that jonas is hoping for a dog! they do grow up a bit faster and can play with them sooner as well! but, siblings can help you get into things much better!! keep us posted! congrats!

Anonymous said...

congratulations. the diaper and socks combo is fantastic. :)