25 April 2010

Ward Campout

Since I've been feeling so sick during this pregnancy, I seem to have lost all typical nesting urges--last minute projects, excessive cleaning, etc. Instead, I've been nesting in three other areas--exercise, travel, and sleep. I sleep outrageous amounts of time, am reaching my exercise/lifting goals, and have this uncontrollable urge to go places "one last time."

So when I returned from a two-week stint in Utah on a Wednesday evening, it seemed completely rational to go camping Friday afternoon. That's plenty of time to recover and get ready, right?

Patrick wasn't able to arrive until around 8 pm Friday evening and I wasn't counting on much help. Most people who want to play with Jonas want to smother him in love. They want to hold him, kiss him, tickle him, carry him, and give him lots of physical attention. Which most babies respond positively to.

Jonas wants none of that. He wants you to follow him and will occasionally point things out to you. He also likes to share in your fun, but doesn't actually want you to touch him.

G innately knows this. He played catch with Jonas, blew bubbles, and let him take the lead in whatever activity was in that little toddler mind (Montessori teacher in the making?). He didn't force any unwanted attention on the boy and he made a campout-long friend because of it. Is G for hire?

Another fabulous help was Miss Morgan.

This 10-year-old played with Jonas AND took this awesome picture.

The rest...

(How can you not love Isaac?)


Amy said...

cute pictures!! Isn't it nice when people "get" you and your kids!!

Janae Walker said...

he is getting so big! so cute :) i am excited for #2 ( i am secretly hoping it's a girl, so eve has a little girl friend) to come along. but, you are right - it is much harder to travel with 2 kids...so, get all the traveling you can in right now!