04 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Goals are sort of my thing. I love them, which is why I have 101 of them. Now the last thing you probably want to read is my list of New Year's Resolutions* and conveniently, it's the last thing I want to write. However, here are some of the resources I'm using to fulfill my resolutions.

My Jonas Bug
The boy needs more structure in his life than most other kids and many of my solutions are found here:

The featured child is older than my son, but I do not want for age-appropriate activities.

I'm also using this book as well.

I have scripture reading issues. It's true. I can't seem to stay in a groove where I feel like I can express my thoughts quickly enough or make notes in the too-small margins. This site is helping me overcome this problem:

I love it. Each morning I find my reading assignment for the day in my inbox (based on my personal goals) which I can read online. It gives me the option of listening to my assignment (while reading along), highlighting, making notes, journaling, etc. Thus far, it has cured me of my scripture study stagnation.

Fitness and Nutrition
Remember how I only lost 1 pound in a year, despite serious changes to my diet and a workout schedule consisting of 6 days per week/2 hours per day? It is easy to blame my PCOS (which plays a key role), but I had an inkling there had to be a better way.

And then it hit me. Duh. Whatever I was doing wasn't working. How could I expect different results if I didn't try something different? So I did. And oh, the feeling of success.

But my workout partner Elizabeth--she is amazing. She lost 2 pounds over our unfruitful year. We changed our exercising habits 3.5 months ago, but took off 5 weeks from training due to my amorous relationship with traveling. Despite this minor setback, she has burned 15 pounds of fat right off since changing the way we work out.

I'm pretty proud of her.

Because of these rapid changes, we've been receiving more and more inquiries about what we're doing. So without further delay:

It's a strength and conditioning program. We get all of our strength and cardio in 20-30 minutes per day--a far cry from 2 hours. We still modify the workouts due to lack of strength, but we're getting there. Did I mention my workout partner deadlifted 105 pounds the other day? In October, we were whining about 45 pounds.

The cash management program is phenomenal. It will likely receive its own post soon, lauding its merits. If you can't wait that long (and you shouldn't!), you can purchase it for $10 here. It is well worth giving up your weekly trip to Sonic to get your family's finances in order.

The course is being offered in our local community beginning this month. Let me know if you want details (informational meeting this week).

Lifelong learning is my passion. Lifelong time restraints are my prevention. My solution:

I enrolled in a grant writing class in June. I was impressed with the quality of materials and appreciated the ability to take the class as seriously (or unseriously) as my schedule and commitment permitted. Most of the courses are six weeks and there are a handful of classes that are waiting for me. It is certainly not up to the caliber of a university course, but that is not the intention. The courses are more or less for personal enrichment and are completed online at your computer.

Haven't you seen all the goals I'm working on? Hopefully blogging can go back to being a priority, but this whole drop naps thing is not really conducive to recording our daily happenings. We shall see. Grandma needs to see her baby man so I can't imagine it will be completely off the radar.

The End.
There you have it. A taste of some of my life resolutions. Bon appétit.

* My new year begins any time I set a new goal, so many of these were started before Friday.


heather said...

Love the website No Time For Flashcards. Helped Gabe learn his letters. I just need to do that with Marissa now.

Oh and I never knew such a website exsisted for reading the scriptures. I might have to use it too.

The Richardsons said...

This is why every time I check your blog I'm like "Ugh. There goes Jen being amazing and educated and empowered again." Man you're good!