14 December 2009

Hollywood Studios

For our day at Hollywood Studios, we swapped babysitting to give the boys some much-needed rest. In the morning, we made sure to get them good and tired at the pool.

Being able to get up and go without filling a diaper bag with Cheerios and assorted baby goods was reminiscent of a different time. I really can transition quickly. And who knew it was such a luxury to use a public restroom at the same time as your spouse? I'd begun to think all bathroom breaks took 30 minutes.

The street performers were the most entertaining.

I received these Disney bucks because the game show host liked my outfit.
The Tower of Terror was a unique experience. I felt like someone was tickling me while still trying to make it a thrill ride. I couldn't stop giggling, nor could the other riders.
My days of fast roller coasters are over. I am so weak and faint of heart. Heaven only knows how I braved Stateline without batting an eyelash and felt that Montezuma's Revenge was mere child's play. This photo is not staged and I almost feel like I should get paid for how good it is.
Indiana Jones stunt show.

I'm player 2 and was soclose to beating Patrick. I had a very bad round where he racked up 13,000 points and I only got 200. Boo.
This is our typical photo. Patrick grimacing and me overcompensating.
Beauty and the Beast was so well done. Loved every minute.
And speaking of Beauty and the Beast, does anyone else see the resemblance?

We ended the evening with the American Idol experience. Each day there are qualifying rounds where the studio audience votes for the best singer. The final performance pits all of these folks against one another and the winner receives a ticket to the front of the line for a real AI audition.
Dinner after the park. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Thanks to Aunt Gerry and Uncle Mark for introducing us to our favorite Chicago pizza place.


heather said...

You're so funny. I kind of do see the resemblance.

Kara said...

your post made me laugh out loud for a few reasons.
1. your roller coaster picture. awe-some.
2. your overcompensating smile and pat's grimace
3. the resemblance between mary murphy and the clock. i totally see it. i think it's the cheeks :)
looks like you guys had a great time. it's always so nice when you don't have to pack a huge bag full of baby stuff and can do things together!

Janae Walker said...

truly jealous of all the fun in florida....oh and yes, the clock and mary murphy are probably related :) 1st cousins, maybe?