10 December 2009

DW Day 1

What do all responsible families do when they are unemployed during a recession? Why, they go to Disney World.

Or at least we do.

Ryan, Amanda, and Keedan called us up out of the blue and asked if we wanted to go to DW with them. Um, YES! Vacationing with another family is the best. Sharing condo/car rentals and trading babysitting while the little guys nap was heaven-sent.

We arrived in Orlando on a Saturday afternoon and spent the majority of the time acquainting the boys with one another.

On our walk around the resort, the skies decided it was the right time to dispose of any excess water. It was brief and ended with this lovely rainbow.

Jonas was still in his I don't care about anything else in this world. Just let me push my stroller phase. Obviously, this made walking around a rainy resort convenient.

This wouldn't be a Mommy blog without a plethora of bath photos, which I love to take. Maybe it's because it's the only part of the day where he is actually clean.

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heather said...

Sweet! I think we would have done the same thing too. Glad you had fun in DW!