16 December 2009

Downtown Disney

The boys are still happy in this photo because they have no idea they are saying good-bye. It's so sad to leave good friends.
Our condo had hidden Mickeys all over.
After Patrick took the Ms to the airport, we journeyed around Orlando with the few hours we had left before heading back to reality.
I love these swim trunks. I think they once belonged to DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Jonas didn't have quite as much fun in Downtown Disney as we'd hoped. Unfortunately, this was fairly indicative of the flight home.
Build-A-Bear captured his attention.
These Legos looked like rock climbing holds.

All Legos.

Bye bye Orlando. We'll be back.


Janae Walker said...

still so jealous!

The M's said...

We miss you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas!