11 December 2009

Animal Kingdom

I had mighty plans to journal all about DW. Since this trip occurred 4 months ago, the blog is receiving pictures with limited commentary instead of a tale of adventure and mystery. Grandma has been waiting (im)patiently for photos of her little Texan and I have obviously had more than enough time. You'll have to consult our photo books for a more detailed explanation regarding our great love for Disney World.

In the meantime, allow me to confess this horrible fact: I don't like animals. I like that other people have animals, but I prefer they are far away from me. Jonas has an uninhibited love for dogs and water creatures, so I put on my most supportive, excited face for his sake, but deep down, they gross me out.

I was excited to make Animal Kingdom our first stop. Get the worst out of the way. Now I'm eating my words. Animal Kingdom was my favorite of the four parks. The details were incredible, everything was clean (as far as animals go), and the parade sent me looking for an application to join Disney staff. Even more so, there is something magical about seeing your child delight in simple pleasures. And since this was Jonas' favorite park, it was mine too.

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