02 December 2009

18 Months

In celebration of Jonas' 18-month birthday, I figured this blog needed an update. It's been a big week for the little man. Or maybe 2 weeks. I can hardly remember. Pictures will follow whenever Mozy is finished backing up my computer and I can load photos again.

Some of the highlights:

1. First haircut. Jonas reminds me so much of Animal from The Muppets. Mop top, outrageous behavior, lack of language. Now after his haircut (a big thanks to the brave Suzanne who orchestrated that traumatic experience), Jonas looks like a boy instead of a puppet.

2. Reached 20 pounds. Yes, at 18-months, my boy is 20 pounds, which means...

3. Forward-facing car seat. He loves this new car seat and looks like he is ready for a roller coaster every time he gets in. When he first sat in it, he just kept kicking his legs and giggling.

4. Goodbye dear friend. Jonas said farewell to his pacifier and oh this one breaks my heart. Initially, we weren't going to give him a pacifier at all. Patrick was so incredibly opposed to it that I carried Jonas in my arms all day to soothe him. One Saturday afternoon, I walked in to see Patrick giving Jonas a pacifier which obviously evoked quite a bit of postpartum hormonal outrage. Apparently he had been doing that all the time but failed to inform me, so my work was in vain.

Fast forward 6 months and we were ready to wean, but Jonas' therapists suggested we allow him to keep it. He has sensory issues in his mouth and since it was the only thing he woudl put in his mouth, we didn't want to regress.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Jonas was running into his room to find his pacifiers and sneaking them into his mouth. He has only ever been allowed to use them for bed, so when he was taking initiative to find them during the day, we knew it was time.

Fast forward to the weaning process. It started with infant pacifiers. We assumed the size would irritate him, but it didn't phase him. In fact, he seemed to prefer them. The second night we cut off the tips, but that only infuriated him. So cold turkey it would have to be. The first night he cried so hard that I cried. I'm not faint of heart when it comes to my child's tears--I've never ever cried because my baby was crying. But this was different. I felt like we cut off his tongue. After 3-4 nights he has been fine ever since so no harm done. And his tongue is still intact.

5. Nursery. He goes in on Sunday. I'm sad. It's possible that I'm the only mom on the planet that is not ready for my child to leave me during church.

6. Other developments.
  • Baby sign is finally starting to progress. He learned more and please two weeks ago. Last week he mastered all done. And this week we noticed he has his own sign for airplane, which is touching the side of his head
  • He likes to chase Grandma's kitty around the house, barking at it
  • Jonas has a favorite song and I'm proud to say it's one I wrote.
  • Nodding and understanding YES.
  • More adventurous--climbing on to places that are too high for his mother's heart to handle
  • Loves music--dances backwards
  • Prefers fruits and vegetables to sweets. He helps me put away the groceries by finding the veggies and eating them before I can wash them.
  • Hiding things. If anyone sees a stalk of celery in my home, please let me know. He hid it a week ago and it's giving me stress that I still can't find it.
  • He will sit and look at a book now.
  • Plays so nicely with other kids. He doesn't fuss (yet) or care when they take his toys (yet).
  • Offended by crying and yelling. Whenever a child yells or starts crying loudly, he looks at them in disgust. Sometimes he starts crying because he is so irritated by it.


Michelle Judd said...

Wow, a lot of accomplishments! Way to go Jonas!

heather said...

He's done a lot! Isn't it just the best that he can sit forward facing now?! It took that long for Marissa to finally do that too.
Oh, and hurry up with the pictures! ;)

Kara said...

What a cute boy he is! Congrats on all the accomplishments, Jonas!

We want to get rid of Hallie's pacifier (yes, she still uses one. she doesn't use it except for bed time and nap time.) We've tried multiple times. You've inspired me to try again. Oh, and I can't believe Patrick was giving one to him without you knowing! I bet you were going insane during the day!!

Kirchner Family said...

I love the fact that he hid celery stalk and you still can't find it! Too Funny! My one great trick - is with the pacifier - I allow them to be in plain sight and free to be used (only there is a very tiny hole that the kids cannot see and so they can not longer suck on it) they then tend to throw it down in disgust and never want it again!