24 November 2009

An Upward Turn for the Economy

Our Christmas shopping, including shipping, will be complete by Thursday. And while I don't condone spoiling Christmas surprises, I thought I would share one gift that other practical (read: responsible and perhaps a bit boring to other people) folks like myself might be interested in.

This is what Jonas will receive:

Jonas currently receives an allowance of 3 cents per day (tithe, save, spend) which I've just been keeping in envelopes in his dresser. When I saw this featured on The Simple Dollar, the container-lover in me had to have it. This is the only one I've seen that has an invest portion. So for Christmas, Jonas will not only get a money savvy piggy bank, but a 33% raise to boot. And in a recession, no less.

For parents' eyes only:
As a side note, Santa did a really neat thing for Jonas last year and I sure hope he continues it. He brought 1 item to our little man to play with and a second for him to donate.


Janae Walker said...

that is a really cool piggy bank. where did you find that? that may be a great birthday present for the reed man :) (if you don't mind that our children have the same thing).

Anonymous said...

That is a great gift. I want to get banks for my kids too. We're all trying to learn a bit of fiscal responsibility around my house these days. :)

heather said...

This is why I look up to you. You are just awesome. I need a piggy bank like this. All of Gabe's and Marissa's money goes into their piggy banks and it just stays there. They never spend it. Do you spend Jonas'? Also, do you pay tithing every sunday? .7 CENTS? I guess I need some more advice from ya.

Mrs. Ordinary said...

Janae: The link is on the post under photo courtesy. And of course I don't mind if him and Reed get the same gift--that's why I'm sharing :)

Together: Don't we all? I would love to know what does/doesn't work with your kids. Mine has no say right now.

Heather: Jonas just started receiving allowance this month, so we haven't paid tithing yet. I think I will just pay it once a month until he gets a little older and can look forward to turning it in himself each week. He's also currently on the 25% plan since it's easier for little ones to conceptualize. Call me if you want to chat! I love hearing from you and I'm pretty sure we need to be next-door neighbors.