09 November 2009

First Apartment

I just found photos of our first apartment. This was after we did a lot of remodeling--I wish I hadn't lost the photos when we first moved in. The floors and walls were horrific. Painting the kitchen was my favorite--wallpaper under wallpaper under wallpaper under tile can really humble a person.

Do I seriously complain about counter space?

There wasn't enough space for a table. In fact, we had to move the chair to open the fridge and goodness knows we didn't have a microwave for the first 2 years of our married life together.

$325 per month. Can't beat it. Of course, I have the black lung now, but when you're only making $6.95/hour for 12 hours a week, you're sort of willing to do anything for cheap rent. And in true Provo fashion, all the furniture was given to us and we have since paid it forward. What furniture happens in Provo, stays in Provo (except for the full-size bed. We brought that along)


Jason and Lissa said...

Reading this makes me glad I didn't do the married starving students thing. :-P

Jeanette said...

You've come a long way baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Karli and Skyler! This post made us so nostalgic! Oh sweet #2. BTW, what is your address now? We want to send you something! you can email me at karlielise@yahoo.com.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, the fond memories. It makes me think back on how hard life was, but how much fun and I wouldn't change a thing.

Ali said...

Whoa. It's amazing what a newly married student will live like (although, it looks like you did a fabulous job with what you had!). Heck, it's amazing what a non-married student will often live like! So glad those days are past (although they were lots of fun!)