15 November 2009

Day Trip to San Antonio (and a special visitor)

Shortly after our Arkansas trip, one of our favorite people called and said he would be in San Antonio for work. So we packed up our bags again and drove out to meet him for the day.

While he was working, we stopped in New Braunfels again to enjoy our favorite bakery and train ride before making our way down to San Antonio. We stopped at The San Jose Mission. This was much easier than when we visited the Alamo--not nearly as crowded and perfect for our little animal who only had eyes for pushing the stroller around.

Then finally we met up with Greggy who came all the way from Utah to hold Jonas on his shoulders all around the River Walk. We ate some delicious barbecue and were lucky enough to hear Andean We miss him so much and wish Karen could have come too (you know, THE Karen who does 365 Days of Slow Cooking)

Side not: I've never known a driver's license to be a requirement for using the restroom.

Oh! And how could I forget? We were lucky enough to hear Andean Fusion rock out in front of the mall. They even played an instrumental version of Fastball's The Way, transporting me directly back to junior year of high school.


Camille said...

you guys go on some fun trips! little jonas is getting so big!

Jennifer said...

Did you find my bike? I think I left it in the basement

Karen said...

thanks for the shout out! love you little spooner