07 November 2009

Arkansas: Pit Stops

It seems as if nearly every road trip for us starts here:

We were in the car at 3:30 am, hoping we could get Jonas halfway there before he was ready to wake up for the day when we heard a tap-tap-tapping. After about 2 miles, we pulled over and discovered this:

A giant screw. So at 4:30 am, we went back to sleep and prayed that our little anti-traveler could handle daytime driving as well as a pit stop at our favorite tire store.

During our lovely road trip, we were munching on Chick-o-Sticks when I began to inquire where these underrated candies were manufactured. Why, in Lufkin, Texas! And wouldn't you know, Lufkin was right on our way to Arkansas and at the exact location we needed to stop to get our child some lunch.

There wasn't a tour like we were hoping. It was actually just a small section of the warehouse where you could purchase fresh candy. They rotated images from four black and white surveillance cameras to see how the candy was made. I imagine it would have been very interesting if I could have seen more.

Lufkin ended with a delicious lunch at Mom's Diner. The decorations even reminded me of my Mom's house when I was growing up. If you are ever in Lufkin, I'd recommend both stops.

On our way home, we chose to drive through Dallas and stopped at the temple, which is quite unique.

We got a great Priceline deal at the Hyatt (though we were quite dissatisfied with the cleanliness of our room).

All I could think of during our drive to Dallas was going swimming. As we pulled up to our hotel, we saw a massive hulk of a man. And then another. And another. And another. And you get the point. When we walked in, the muscular women were out in their cocktail dresses and heels. We walked right in to a Figure Athlete and Bodybuilding Competition. The bodybuilders were a bit much, but the figure athletes has rockin' bodies that dispelled any hopes of going swimming in a public pool.

To console myself, I decided to eat. We were lucky with our Dallas choices:

Manny's Tex-Mex
and their to-die-for brisket tacos

And The Original Pancake House (which seemed like it was in a bad neighborhood--but it wasn't)

with their pecan waffles and Swedish lignonberry pancakes

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