06 November 2009

Arkansas: Camping

Accommodation photos are not loading, so until my computer cooperates, suffice it to say we stayed in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house nestled in a private golfing community off of Lake Catherine. The decor was straight up early 90s and it was worth way more pennies than we shelled out.

The decision to stay in a house complete with kitchen and separate rooms was due in part to a disastrous night camping at Gulpha Gorge. After 12 hours of being on the road, we pulled into the campsite with just 30 minutes of daylight remaining. After setting up camp as quickly as humanly possible, Patrick went to pay for our site and came out of the ranger's station angry. We then examined this:

RV hookups. After putting up the tent just as the sun was setting and receiving 46 mosquito bites each, we were in the wrong spot. If we wanted to pay $20 extra, we could stay in the spot (which we did), totally defeating the purpose of camping to save money on accommodations. This was also the same night we ate at sick-nasty Rod's Pizza Cellar so Hot Springs didn't look very promising.

The evening didn't go much better. Jonas couldn't get comfortable in the Pack n Play. Or on the air mattress. Or on the floor. Or in our arms. Or anywhere else we could think to place him. He was sweaty and angry and exhausted and crying until 1 am. He then gave us 5 hours of fitful rest before rising for the day. Even 3 months later, the memories are so vivid. He reluctantly forgave us the next morning after a long stroll around the campsite.

Lesson of the Day: Camping after a long road trip with our son is a bad idea. Camping can work and long road trips can work. But please do not be fooled into combining the two.

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