06 November 2009

Arkansas: Around Town

The natural hot springs are what turned this town into a hot spot. Rich folk used to flock to receive different hot springs treatments for their ailments (more on that later!) and a tourist trap was born. There are even areas in town where locals and tourists alike can fill up jugs with the scalding water. In fact, it was at one of these stops that we met our hillbilly (not pictured).

Our innovative government? What a great idea. And from the government. Point: Universe.

The Arlington is the fancy-schmancy hotel where Al Capone used to make regular stays. Hot Springs has a surprisingly rich gangster history and this hotel captures part of it.

Have you ever seen so many people working on one roof? We counted 21 men.

I love these bright homes. And the trees! Be still my heart.

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danje said...

Jess is going to die when he hears about this hot springs land. We went to Berkeley Springs, WV where G. Washington used to bathe. So rad to see the baths and fill up our bottles with the spring water. Great trip Jen!

Blarney Girl said...

You've got me wanting to visit Arkansas in the very near future (maybe next summer?), but I have to admit I'm seriously put out that you didn't get a picture of your hillbilly!! Why did you even mention him?? ARGH!! :D

Kali said...

Another picture I love: Jonas in that red chair. looks like art.