12 October 2009

Little things about our little guy

There are subtle aspects about Jonas that make him incredibly endearing to me.

Like how his hair curls at the back and out to the side

Or how he has no words, but squeaks whenever he sees a dog.

How he is still wearing this same outfit from last year's playoff season

And how he refuses to drink from a sippy cup

Or how he can't have a single crumb touching his lips so he always wipes them away immediately

And of course this bedhead, in case you didn't spot it in the last picture

I can't get enough.


Jennifer said...

I can't get enough either. Its time for one of us to take a trip.

Kara said...

That bedhead rocks.

The M's said...

:) Love it!

Jensen Family said...

He's just ridiculousy cute!

Dayna said...

I love the hair! He is adorable I can't take it! How fun for you!

Laura said...

That bedhead is awesome!