02 October 2009

For My Mommy

Hi Mommy,

I hope you are having a good trip so far and I hope you have fun in far away lands. Dad taught me to blog this afternoon when we got home from taking you to the airport. He said you would be proud of me for updating your blog while you are away. I wasn't very hungry at dinner, so I just threw my food all over the place and then made Margie flustered by bringing her the garbage can several times (she kept putting it in places I couldn't reach, but Dad put it right back on the floor so I could take it back to Margie). After dinner, we went for a walk to the park and Dad put me in the swing; he just smiled and thought I was adorable, like always.

Dad's limiting my blog time and says it's time for bed. Good night Mommy. I love you. Here's a good-night cheeser picture for you.


Michelle and Nels said...

He's huge!!! And doesn't look like a baby with hair that long. Holy cow!

Jennifer said...

Cute post! Good Job Jonas and Patrick!

Kirchner Family said...

So Sweet! Rachel loves to babysit you little guy!