11 September 2009

Training with Patrick

My weight loss plan has not turned out quite as I've expected. I've worked out nearly every day for a year and changed my eating habits dramatically. I gave up chocolate for an entire year and I've lost 1 pound in 13 months (I had a 1-week bout of excessive sadness and self-medicated with rice pudding and peanut butter/banana shakes where I gained 5 pounds. So technically I lost -4 pounds, but that makes me want to self-medicate again, so I'm sticking with the 1-pound loss).

I can't really expect to get any better results if I keep doing the same thing, so Patrick has graciously offered to train Elizabeth and I. This was our workout today:

Sumo deadlifts: 10 reps
Lawnmowers: 20 reps each arm
Push-ups: 15 reps
Squats: 40 reps

4 rounds, as fast as you can.

I'm dying. Do you think it was because of the whole Matt Payne thing?


Karen said...

seriously??? That is so depressing. To work so hard and see no results.

Blarney Girl said...

Do I dare ask what a "lawnmower" is? :)

Are you guys doing this training during the weekday exercise program you setup at the church?