27 September 2009

24 hour Art-a-Thon

Miggy, you may have heard of her because she is the raddest, is hosting a 24-hour Art-a-Thon and yours truly is not only participating, but inviting you to do the same thing if you feel so inclined.

You can read about her inspiration (Beck's 24-hour album*) and choose a few projects of your own to work on. Migs is a phenomenal artiste and has a goal to complete a minimum of 3 paintings in that timespan. Don't let that discourage you if you were not bestowed with the same gifts. My "art" will likely include writing a few short stories, completing a song on the guitar, possibly learning a new dance, and definitely pasting a few pictures in Baby's First Scrapbook (a friend created all the pages for me otherwise there would be no scrapbook to speak of). I will have measurable goals by the time the Art-a-Thon commences (which will be a different day for me since I will be recovering from mild jetlag that evening).

Happy Art Making.

* article definitely worth reading: how weekend projects can free your inner rock star

1 comment:

heather said...

When I was roommates with Miggy I always wanted her art that was hanging around the house.
Well, good for you! Writing a song on the guitar! Man, I wish we lived closer so that you can teach me how to be more creative.

OH, and how is the radnar training going? When is your big race?