03 September 2009

Lake Catherine

In Arkansas, we had a quick rendezvous involving Lake Catherine and a paddle boat. Jonas did much better than we anticipated, though he was no help at all in the paddling department.

By the way, the new Blogger has put me on mandatory technical leave. The formatting is new to me, my text is all a-jumble, and I don't know how to upload videos since I can't find my video strip any longer. Any tips?


Amber said...

Ok, a few things:
1-LOVE your hair Jen
2-You are looking AMAZING
3-And in your 2nd pic, Jonas looks hilarious! and cute. and so non-baby little boyish!

Michelle and Nels said...

He's getting so BIG!

heather said...

okay, I love your swimsuit! You look hot nuggets!
Oh and that picture of Jonas alseep is hilarious!

So what are you talking about new Blogger? I guess I'm a little confused. I would love to help...but I need to know what you are talking about. Maybe I need help. ;)

Jason and Lissa said...

I love that the life vest is basically bigger than he is! :)