25 September 2009

Dallas Con't

I am too lazy to post any semblance of cleverness. Just a plain ol' travelogue, folks.

After many-a-road trip and 58 billboards, we finally stopped at Buc-ees during our Labor Day Weekend excursion. Meh. But as promised, their bathrooms are luxurious.

We found Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana where they sell amazing pralines and lemon sugar cookies. Must stop.

Opening up his presents from Gma and Gpa

Like any good baby, he prefers the packaging.

Patrick's dad works for BYU, so he flew down for the game. The day before, we were lucky enough to tour the stadium facilities, focusing on the concessions portion. Jonas could not get enough of Vaquero's Cantina.

Below you will see the infamous $40 million big screen. The entire (former) Dallas stadium cost $37 million total.

How many parents can boast they have taken their 15-month-old baby into the largest beer warehouse of any stadium in the world? Is that you calling, Parents of the Year award?

No summer day would be complete without swimming and the Hilton did not disappoint.

His swim suit (size 3-6 months) is finally getting too small. I love that belly (so much, in fact, that I decided to get one for myself too).

At the hotel, Jonas frequently stuck his head under the curtain so he could enjoy the air conditioner blowing through his hair.

Boston's Gourmet Pizza: Tuscan. Mmmm.

A riveting game of Checkers. Almost as exciting as The Game.

No Grandpa, you may not leave.
The End.

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heather said...

So Jonas is super cute in these pictures.

Also, you know how people say there is always someone somewhere that looks like you. Well, I was in Smiths today and I thought I saw Jonas, but it wasn't you pushing this kid around. It was crazy. But, I must say that after starring at the baby for a while, the kid has nothing on Jonas. Jonas is way cuter.