05 November 2009

Arkansas: Dining

Remember how we just loved Arkansas? Finally, finally, after what feels like 3 straight months of traveling, I'm getting around to sharing all about Hot Springs. Hopefully my memory serves me well.

I am high maintenance when it comes to eating out on vacation. Nothing annoys me more than choosing McDonald's when we could be at any one of the local gems. Without further adieux:

Rod's Pizza Cellar
Pizza=fine; Pasta=Blech!
Apparently they have a fantastic Razorbaccio that delights in all things pig (Canadian bacon, ham, beef, pork, Italian sausage and pepperoni), but we shied away from this very intimidating pizza following a heavy swine flu spring (kidding--it just sounded like a whole lot of meat).

The Crazy Yankee
This local restaurant on the marina at Lake Catherine in the Diamondhead community began the redemption process for Hot Springs cuisine. It was decent food and obviously a local place. When we walked in, there was a group of ladies playing cards and I felt like I was in a movie. The owner sat down with us during lunch and talked about his business plan (insightful man) and gave us a snapshot of the local economy. PS they also have 25 flavors of soft-serve. In case you wanted to know.

The Pancake Shop
Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Have you been to The Pancake Pantry in Nashville? This place blows it out of the water. Flavor, atmosphere, service. Everything I want in a pancake shop. And it's got a history on par with Lou Mitchell's in Chicago.

McClard's BBQ
Texas knows beef, but Arkansas knows pork. This is the little place made famous by Bill Clinton. Please stop by.

This is an Arkansas Tamale. Whatever it is, it's good. I typically don't like meat, so to enjoy something so scary-looking was a pleasant surprise.

All of the eateries used the old-fashioned paper tickets, adding even more to the Arkansas charm.

Dolce Gelato
Isn't it beautiful?

Fisherman's Wharf
Eh. Not great. Possibly not even good. The food was so-so and the service was unhelpful. Loved the sweet potato fries, but we left them on top of the car when we were driving away. Patrick tried his first oyster though. I'm still gagging just thinking about it.

Scoops Homemade Ice-Cream
Tasty, a little expensive, cutest free sample cones, and innovative cone holders (the last picture is not a picture of a stranger's derriere; look to the right--I couldn't crop it enough and still have decent resolution. Those ice-cream cone holders are ingenious).

Well there you have it. I'm full just looking at all of these places. Next up: Accommodations


heather said...

Looking at all the food makes me hungry. I just ate dinner too! Looks like a fun trip.

Michelle and Nels said...

Um...What am I looking at at the right???